Lorraine Lolo” Milliner

Lolo is the former host of, “The Quiet Fire,” on Radio One’s WWIN-FM Magic 95.9’s 1993-2015) She was the preferred nighttime announcer of Baltimore’s adults ages 30-64.

In 1981, Lolo started her radio career at Lucky 13 (WSTA) in her hometown of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. While at WSTA radio, she was also the manager at Studio 54 (affiliated with New York’s Studio 54). In 1985, she left St. Thomas, moving stateside to pursue more opportunities.

Orlando, Florida’s WOKB became her first stop in 1986, where she caught the attention of the legendary Jack “The Rapper” Gibson. Gibson took an interest in her and her career was off and running. WFXA (Foxie 103) in Augusta, GA, was the next stop in late 1986.

In 1991 Lolo moved to Charleston, S.C. and accepted the midday the midday position at WDXZ-FM (Foxie 104) Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Music Director. In 1993 she moved to Baltimore where she was employed by Radio-One’s WWIN-FM (Magic 95.9 for 22 (1993-2015).

Lolo is the Founder/CEO of Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival, an annual festival in the U.S. Virgin Island. The festival’s focus is on Health Awareness combined with entertainment.

Some of Lolo’s other accomplishments include: Working for the U.S. Virgin Islands Public Television System (WTJX Channel 12) in St. Thomas from 1979-1981 and in 2004 writing the song, “Jesus to Hold” a duet performed by Tony Terry and Nekita Wright.