Message From Founder

I would like to introduce a great opportunity to expand your market share and provide long-term marketing benefits. The Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival is scheduled for July 18-21st, 2019 in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Our mission is to improve the quality of lives and educate people in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage visitors from all parts of the United States as well as the Caribbean to come to the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands to enjoy a weekend of activities focusing on health, and education combined with entertainment. The media campaign will give your company or organization an opportunity to increase product exposure, branding and increase the visibility of your company. The campaign include print, Internet marketing, radio, and television commercials on the mainland and the Caribbean Islands targeting an adult audience 30 to 64 years of age who enjoy traveling. The Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival offers a unique opportunity for your company to connect with potential destination shoppers from a wide range of cultures.

In promoting healthy lifestyles in conjunction with a festival, Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival is an ambassador helping to increase the visibility of the U.S. Virgin Islands as a premier travel destination, deliver a significant economic boost to the community and help save lives. For more information please visit our websites at and We welcome your inquiries and encourage your participation in the most dynamic health-centered festival. Healthy Encores

Lifestyle Festival – The Intersection of Health & Entertainment in Paradise!

Sincerely, Lorraine “Lolo” Milliner

Lorraine “Lolo" Milliner

LoLo's Story​

In her home on February 2, 2005, Lolo lost her father Luther Milliner, Sr. to type 2 diabetes. After her dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the late 90’s Lolo watched her father slowly and painfully lose himself to the complications of diabetes.  Lolo recalls her handsome, vigorous, soft-spoken father suffering with kidney failure, blindness and eventually, an amputation from a disease that is all too treatable, manageable and preventable.

Consequently, it has become Lolo’s passion to promote healthy living, bring attention to diabetes awareness and find a cure for the deadly disease. “No one should suffer like my dad and everyone needs to be informed about diabetes”.

Healthy Encores healthcare initiative compliment the Lifestyle Festival. While the 2017 Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival will spotlight diabetes awareness, management and prevention, other health disparities will be addressed.

Lolo invites you to join her to raise awareness about the complications of diabetes and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.